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Our Quest

Build great fantasy games, and have fun doing it!

Who Are We?

Glad you asked. We’re Invoke — a studio making AAA Games in Montreal, Canada.

We're building a team of spirited game developers who put players first. We’d love for you to join us on our journey to craft legendary adventures filled with interesting characters to befriend and deadly creatures to slay.

Being part of Wizards of the Coast, we get to contribute to a collection of games that have inspired players and developers for decades.


Our Mission, Our Culture

Simply put, our mission is to have fun building great games with two focuses: firstly, our team; and secondly, our players.

We want to ensure our team is having fun by fostering a healthy work environment where everyone can grow. And we want to deliver the best quality experience possible to our players by keeping them at the centre of our production philosophy.


Our Values

Level Up


We trust our people. and give them the power to bring their ideas to our games. At Invoke, we believe the best results come from teams where every member has a voice that’s valued.

Core Rules


Invoke is home to people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and beliefs. It’s fundamental to us that everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect.

Team First


We’re here to make games that players will enjoy for years to come. It’s an ambitious goal, and only possible through teamwork. That requires leaving our ego at the door, being willing to always question ourselves, listen and learn from one another.


Home Base

We’re based in St-Henri, a vibrant neighbourhood in southwest Montréal, Québec. Like our studio, it’s a friendly and welcoming place to live.